Is wearing stripper shoes for pole fitness a good idea?

Published: 18th March 2011
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To answer the question: Am I Allowed To wear stripper shoes for pole dancing in? We need to first consider the Good and bad points.

Stripper shoes or pole dancing shoes are occasionally used by girls at pole fitness lessons. These shoes happen to be worn for good reasons rather than purely because they can improve features. Even though these shoes make your legs look fabulous, plus the shoes look cute. They are stylish plus they elongate the legs helping to make your legs appear alluring. The added height gives an elusion of slenderness. Whilst this added height and lengthening of your legs is a good asset and certainly provides you with a lift when you are looking at the floor to roof mirrors at fitness classes there is also a more important perk for anyone in the pole fitness world.

One. These shoes protect against scrapes and bruising of the feet.. While you are inverting or climbing up this pole in bare feet you are vunerable to bangs, knocks and even blisters. The stress on your foot on the pole when trying to stick is sufficient to contribute to bruising. Stripper shoes which cover and guard the whole foot guard against this.

Two. Stripper shoes when inverting or climbing the pole aid your ability to ascend or hang upside down in a crucifix. The material that the shoes are made of facilitate your ability to perform these moves. Stripper shoes are made generally from plastic-type material which stick with amazing capacity the chrome or brass poles. This bonding to the pole is a wonderful benefit when you're first learning because you have not got the technique or even the muscle memory to accomplish these moves effortlessly without problems. Once the movements have been mastered you may then attempt without pole shoes as appropriate and they will be much simpler.

Three. When performing pirouettes they lessen the level of resistance that would exist between floor and foot and increase the speed and ease that you pivot and spin.

Four. Stripper shoes give you more momentum when executing moves for example the monkey.

Five. You achive a deeper stretch since the weight from the shoe pushes your leg when performing tricks like the butterfly.

Six. Stripper shoes will protect your feet from any rubble that is on the floor of the school. If your lessons take place within a sports hall or somewhere specially utilized for pole fitness the liklihood of you standing on debris is slim which means you will not need to protect the feet. Plus if in a sports hall the floor may perhaps be created from flexible sports flooring that could get damaged or marked from the shoes specially the heel. If however your lessons occur in a club, bar or old warehouse you'll need protection on your feet. In these kinds of buildings the potential risk of stepping on fragments of glass or similar is high.

Although there are numerous advantages of wearing stripper shoes for pole dancing many pole dancing schools don't let you to wear these shoes for training.

As todays modern version of pole fitness originates from pole dancing that occurs in strip clubs it also is seen by some more traditional or religious people that anyone who participates in the sport will turn into a hooker. Of course this type of person mistaken. Pole dancing for fitness seriously isn't geared towards instructing young girls how to become strippers but actually encourages girls, presents them a wonderful work out, tones their body, enables them to make new friends and provides them plenty of self confidence while performing a fun form of 'alternative' exercise. So if you remove the shoes from the pole dancing lessons you remove the image that it is aimed at the local strip club. This explains perhaps a lot of the logic behind why a few pole dancing classes do not let you or give you advice not to wear such footwear.

One more reason why some schools might not allow you to wear shoes is simply because stripper shoes can cause some pain for your feet, this may happen for example when your feet slam down on to the floor when you're first learning tricks. Some pole tricks might be easier to learn when you are not wearing shoes as pole or platform shoes add weight to your feet so it might make inverting to start with harder. The load of them can hamper you when first learning to invert. The ground of the room that instruction is happening in decide if you can wear them or otherwise. If pole lessons occur in a club, bar or old warehouse you'll likely need to wear some appropriate footwear. In fact due to health and safety the potential risk of getting verucas may influence that some kind of footwear is used.

Whether stripper shoes are worn for pole workouts are determined by the school you attend as well as personal choice. Stripper shoes might be saved for special pole jams or certain pole dancing lessons. Don't worry though if your school doesn't allow shoes if you're able to perform a trick not using shoes you will be able to execute with shoes.
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